Brand new update to roofing rule for homeowners

The code modification involves what sort of components can be used for a roofing contractor project including the use of felt and metal drip edge. Several roofers inform 11 News, that they had no idea there was a modification to the code and that they had been installing roofs that comply with the past code. Pikes Peak Regional Building says they believe that they managed to do everything they could to inform building contractors.

“It was a 90 day public comment period, it then went through our Regional Building Committees and then moved through public hearings at each one of the jurisdictions served by Pikes Peak Regional Building. After this, the code was implemented June 1, 2018,” said Roger Lovell with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department.

In addition to a posting on the department’s website, the division said they sent an email about the new code to building contractors.

Many roofers said that they overlooked that email.

“I do not go to their website, I do not go to their public conferences. I have roofing licenses in over 30 cities. I do not stop by everybody’s meetings,” said Calvin Turner of Calvin Turner Roofing.

Because the code modification last year, more than 23,700 roofing systems have been checked, 2,807 are not in compliance with the latest code.

The Building division is promoting two solutions for contractors to perhaps approve the roofs that have already been completed. Those incorporate applying for a difference or an Alternate Materials and Methods Application. Inspectors include, they anticipate any newly installed roofing systems to adhere to the present code.

If your roof has already passed examination, your roof complies with the present code.